Friday, 11 November 2011

Keeping You Surfing in a Crisis

Fifteen years ago, most companies still didn't regularly use internet access. There were plenty of computers and networks, but large scale e-commerce was still a few years away. Those who did have it had to put up with load times that often extended into the minutes and as for downloading audio or visual files, well... you might as well have driven to the server. Nowadays, things are very different. There isn’t a business or event in the country that doesn’t have at least a small fleet of desktops and laptops all a flurry with emails and B2B websites. It can therefore cause a lot of problems if, for some reason, you don’t have access to the Internet. Fear not; there are a number of companies out there which can provide you with temporary internet access with a variety of different options so you get the connection that matches your needs and budget.

Maybe the internet has gone down in your office. For many businesses it’s the modern equivalent of a power cut or the company fleet getting snowed in; no option but for everyone to down tools and wait until it all blows over. But with new times come new solutions. Specialist IT companies can have a 7mbps connection set up in just a couple of hours or, if it is a longer term problem, 20 mbps in just 2 days. With such a quick turnaround, the impact on your business is minimised and the fiscal impact hopefully minimal.

Temporary internet access can also form a bridging solution if your company or organisation is moving between premises. Sorting out an internet landline can be an infamous headache. Again, for every minute that isn’t sorted out, your business is losing money and being frustrated. Temporary internet access fills that gap, keeping you supplied with an internet connection that is perfectly capable of keeping up with the demands of a busy office.

The users of temporary internet access are not just corporate. In these days of Wi-Fi hotspots and 3G mobile reception, people are used to the idea of being able to access the internet whenever and wherever they are. In busy metropolitan areas such as London, this isn’t really a problem, but out in the countryside even 3G reception can be weak or entirely absent. Temporary internet access is therefore a popular solution amongst those organising events in rural areas, e.g. literary or music festivals. At such events, the inability of attendees to check their emails, Facebook or news pages for an entire weekend might be seen as a major disadvantage. However, internet access is also useful for those running the events as social media is an increasingly popular way for event organisers to interact with their attendees. Temporary internet access can be used to supplement existing 3G and Wi-Fi signals with a bandwidth that is sufficient for your customers’ requirements.

The internet is a vitally important part of the modern world. Yes, we once did without it, but the digital revolution has changed the way our society works: and changed it for the better. Whether it’s an emergency job that needs doing with only two hours notice or a major event with two or three months’ lead-in, there are specialist IT companies out there who can help.

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